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Q. What are the Tilden Town Clerk's office hours?

A. Office hours for the clerk are Monday and Thursday from 9 AM until noon.  Call 715-529-7438 if you need an appointment.

Q. How do I get a burning permit?

A.  You will need the location of the fire; fire number and address.  You need to get a number from one of the people listed below.  Do not leave a message saying you are burning.

Call one of the following people for your burning permit : 

  • Wayne Bowe 715-456-1540
  • David Goettl   715-288-6156 
  • Jim Blum  715-288-6985
  • Tony Schemenauer    715-288-6075
  • Greg Buchli   715-420-9264  

Q. How do I appeal my property's assessment?

A.  The best place to start is by accessing the 2018 Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners available at https://www.revenue.wi.gov/DOR%20Publications/pb055.pdf