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Town Board Meeting
Apr 12, 2017




April 12, 2017

Tilden Town Hall,  10790 100th Avenue

Wednesday  7:00 PM



- Call monthly meeting to order and say the Pledge of Allegiance

- Roll call/quorum

- Verification of public notice by town board

- Approve the minutes of last board meeting:  March 8th

- Treasurer’s Report

- Fire Department Report

- Highway Department/ Shop Maintenance Report

- Recycling Center Report

- Constable’s Report

- Committee to purchase plow truck

- Clerk’s report:  Permits issued, licenses issued, Hall rentals, outstanding bills,   election  

Discussion and possible action on:

1)  Approving Rick Hendricks for being first responder for the Fire Department

2)  Setting policy for the Fire Department spending of monies  

3)  How the 2% Dues Insurance returned monies are spent

4)  Appointments to the Plan Commission     

5)   Setting wages and authorizing payment for (1) the  Deputy Clerks position (2) for Outgoing clerk, Julie Geissler

6)  Apply for bridge aid for 100th Avenue

7)  Road Issues:  (a) any road in the town  (b) 102nd Avenue

8) Bridge Aid  (a)  90th Street, ¼ mile N county B (b) 90th street ¼ mile N of 120th Ave (c) 120th Ave ¼ mile east of 90th Street (d ) Flood aid 70th Street N of County Hwy N (e) Bridge Aid for 115th/116th Street

9) Waxing and or buffing the Town Hall floors

10) Approve the Recycling expenses for the County

11) Approving the Annual Report

12) Approving the newsletter

13) Public comment:   

14) Announcements &items to be placed on upcoming agendas:  

15) Set date for next meeting:

16) Approving the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills.

 - Adjournment                                                           Clerk Julie Geissler   715- 288-6590



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