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Town Board Meeting
Feb 08, 2017



February 8, 2017

Tilden Town Hall,  10790 100thAvenue

Wednesday 7:00 PM



- Call monthly meeting to order and say the Pledge of Allegiance

- Roll call/quorum

- Verification of public notice by town board

- Approve the minutes of last board meeting:  January 11th

- Treasurer’s Report

- Fire Department Report

- Highway Department/ Shop Maintenance Report

- Recycling Center Report

- Constable’s Report

- Clerk’s report:  Permits issued, licenses issued, Hall rentals, outstanding bills,  census, election

Discussion and possible action on:

1)  Fire fighter recruitment

2)  Capital Fund set up for the Fire Department (2)  2 % dues

3)  Set date to Audit the Fire Department books

4)   Appoint committee to look into features for a future purchase of a plow truck   

5)   Recycling Center Contact person for County brochure

6)   Road Issues:  (a) any road in the town

7)  Bridge Aid  (a)  90thStreet, ¼ mile N county B (b) 90thstreet ¼ mile N of 120thAve (c) 120thAve ¼ mile east of 90thStreet (d ) Flood aid 70thStreet N of County Hwy N (e) Apply for Bridge Aid for 115th/116thStreet

8) Public comment: 

9) Announcements &items to be placed on upcoming agendas:

10) Set date for next meeting:

11) Approving the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills.

 - Adjournment                                                           Clerk Julie Geissler   715- 288-6590






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