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Town Board Meeting
Apr 12, 2017


April 12, 2017



The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:00 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Daniel Adams, Frank Beaudette, and Wayne Bowe

A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Julie Geissler; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  

 A motion to accept the minutes of the March 8th board meetings was made by Wayne Bowe  and seconded by Frank Beaudette.   Treasurer Mary Hartman gave the treasurer’s report.  62 dogs are still unlicensed.


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES - Chief David Goettl reported all is quiet.  We had one car accident this month.  He is receiving bids on wiring the lights on the truck.  One bid is $5552.10.  The County will do it for parts and labor for around $3022.92.  It will take 4-6 weeks to get the parts. 

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported the wing and post has been removed from the grader.  Chippewa County wants a night arrow sign at 129thStreet and County Q.  That is where the accident occurred last month. The wings can be taken off the trucks, but keep them loaded with sand and salt.  The stop sign on 76thAvenue needs to be straightened. There is a sign down by the Mill Pond also. The Board will watch as they do the yearly road tour.

RECYCLING -  Al Goettl reported the end garbage dumpster is full. This dumpster does not cost us anything for it to sit here.  We pay to have it emptied.  We don’t use it.  People are coming in after hours and placing garbage in it instead of the dumpster we use all the time.

CONSTABLE - Constable Eric Mueller gave his last report that there were no problems.  He has been knocking on doors and leaving notices that dogs were not licensed.  A couple of the dogs had died, but weren’t reported as such. He stated that we had a good policy.  Everyone has to license their dogs.    

COMMITTEE TO PURCHASE A TRUCK – Dave Bowe reported he had some information to bring forward. Copies will be made and handed to the board after the meeting.

CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Julie Geissler reported on permits issued, 2 driveways, a house addition and a shed addition.  An application for a picnic license was on file for the Fire Department’s Pancake Breakfast.  Licensing for 2017 would start soon.  The hall is rented for Easter, twice in May and three times in June.  The election is over, oaths need to be done tonight.  The clerk asked if paper towels should be ordered as the last ones were in the dispensers. We need to sign up for those attending the seminar; so who would like to attend?  Steve Plendl and Dan Reischel will attend. She asked what the board wished to do about the notary.  Steve is to become a notary. She gave the board copies of the dues for the Wisconsin Towns Association for them to study. 

HIRING RICK HENRICHS FOR THE FIRE DEPT. – Rick Henrichs worked for us in the past. His children have no grown, so once again he is free to help us as a first responder. Daniel Adams moved to approve Rick Henrichs as a first responder for the Tilden Volunteer Fire Department. Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

2% DUES INSURANCE MONIES – The Fire Department will have the ladies buy and donate items to the town fire department instead of giving the Fire Department the money to buy what is needed.  All parties agreed.  With that agreement, it will be noted that from now on, the Town Board will provide the Fire Department with a $2,000 balance on the checkbook.  

Uniforms are an eligible expense for the $5,000 Fire Dues monies we receive.  This is the way we do business as of 2017.

PLAN COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS – None were made.  Place on the May agenda.

SETTING SALARY FOR STEVE PLENDL AND JULIE GEISSLER – Although the discussion was last month, the motion to move monies into an account did not contain language that addressed the salaries from last month.  Daniel Adams moved for the transition incoming clerk at $10 per hour and the outgoing at $15 per hour for whatever it takes for the smooth transition to occur.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote. 

BRIDGE AID – Daniel Adams moved to apply for Bridge Aid on 100thAvenue by the Town Hall.  Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote. 

102ndAVENUE – The County engineer shot the elevation for 102ndAvenue.  The high point is by Elliot’s.  The water is standing by Zimmerman’s.  The County recommends that if the water can be drained, that would be the best. The water needs to get out of there. The culvert by Maas’ needs to be cleaned out.  The Fire Department will blow it out.  The sand washes in.  The culvert is breaking at the ends.   The Town cannot afford to replace it with a bridge.  The obstructions in front of the culverts need to be removed.

The Town is trying to do it right, the best job possible.  The road check is coming at the end of the month.


 The citizens present were allowed to express their concerns.  Big tractors had been running on the road all day the day before.  Road bans are still on until tomorrow morning. (A Permit had been issued to the farmer to use the roads.)  The complaint was the citizens protect the road and the chairman issues permits to run the roads.   One idea was to raise the road between Elliot’s and Ritzinger’s driveways.

 Ritzinger requested the grade back to what it was prior to the grinding. He will have to raise the end of his driveway and water would sit on the new driveway.  The Chairman replied that water will not sit on the flat road. The road has some crowning.  In the past, there has been a good job of blending the driveways into the road. 

The three inches of added gravel raised concerns.  The road height affects the driveway approaches.  Most of the driveways are black topped or cemented.  The goal of the added gravel is to build a better base. 

LRIP is a government program to help finance projects.  It will cover culverts, so why do citizens have to buy their own culverts. Adams stated that we only receive $12,000 every four years for this program.  It costs about $100,000 a mile to blacktop.  We have until 2020 to finish the road. 

If the board is doing this annual road check, then why were you shocked at the water in the ditches on 102ndAvenue only after the trees were removed?

Does the Town not own the culvert if it is in the 33 foot easement off the center of the road?  The driveway permit is to give permission to the person who wishes to cross our road right-of-way. 

At what cost, and at what return are we doing on our roads.  A request to see the project costs was made. 

The completion date brought a lot of discussion. The dirt is bad.  The citizens wondered why they would have to wait another year to blacktop if ditch work was done early this spring.  Why couldn’t it be blacktopped yet this fall?  The citizens are frustrated and want it done.  East of the Walter Bros. bridge is in worse condition than the west side was. 

102ndAvenue was chosen before 90thStreet south of B because of the 30 people who lived on it versus 4 houses on 90th.  The dust on 90thwith all the big tractors hauling is awful.

WAXING AND BUFFING THE TOWN HALL FLOORS – The floor has not been done for several years.  Roxanne Swoboda suggested that it is time to have it done.  She is trying to get an estimate. It should not be done until after the Pancake Breakfast. 

RECYCLING REPORT – Daniel Adams moved to approve the expense report for Chippewa County Recycling Grant.  Wayne Bowe seconded. Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

ANNUAL REPORT – Daniel Adams moved to approve the financial report to take forward to the people.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

NEWSLETTER – Daniel Adams move to send out a newsletter before the Pancake Breakfast.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Eric Mueller commented that the road is much smoother since it has been ground however he does feel sorry for those that have to live with the dust.  Chairman Adams announced that the brush cutter went down 115th Avenue, the part that is a private road.  The claims adjuster has been notified.  David Goettl questioned the ATVs running the roads.  They cannot run the route until the signs are up. 

Chairman Adams thanked Eric as constable and how he handled the dogs.  He thanked Frank Beaudette for being nominated twice and turning it down, finally agreeing to run. He stated that no one helped him more than Mrs. Geissler, He couldn’t have done it without her.

He then welcomed, Steve Plendl the new clerk and Dan Rieschel, Supervisor II replacing Frank, and Frank for taking constable. 

AGENDA  Road tour, Private portion of 115th Avenue, Plan Commission, WTA Dues, Garbage dumpster

Announcements– Next meeting –  Annual Meeting on the 18th at 7 pm, Road Tour the 20th of April at 10 AM, next board meeting- May 10th at 7 pm.

Motion to approve the vouchers and transfer funds was made by Daniel Adams and seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

Frank Beaudette  moved to adjourn the meeting with Daniel Adams seconding.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.      Meeting adjourned.


 Submitted by Julie Geissler, clerk

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