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Town Board Meeting
Feb 08, 2017


February 8, 2017



The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:10 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Daniel Adams, Frank Beaudette, and Wayne Bowe

A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Julie Geissler; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  

 A motion to accept the minutes of the January 11th board meetings was made by Wayne Bowe  and seconded by Frank Beaudette.   Treasurer Mary Hartman gave the treasurer’s report.  


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES- Chief David Goettl reported things were quiet.  We improved our ISO rating, which affects our insurance premiums.  We could improve it further if we had automatic mutual aid with the City of Chippewa Falls in the area that borders the city limits. It would require both the City of Chippewa Falls and us to pass an ordinance to do so.  Light fixtures in the fire department office are not working. 

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported a lot of snow plowing and sanding. 120thAvenue west of County F needs sanding.

RECYCLING -  Al Goettl reported all is fine.  Clerk Geissler reported one box of bags had been shipped.

CONSTABLE- Constable Eric Mueller was not present.

CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Julie Geissler reported a driveway permit had been issued, a picnic license to the Lions, The Lions have the hall booked for March 4th.  The Census Bureau is starting to gear up for the upcoming 2020 census.  All materials will be sent to the chairman.  The Spring Primary is Feb. 21stfor State Superintendent of Schools.

TVFD RECRUITMENT FOR MEMBERS-    Chief Goettl thought signs could be made up and placed around looking for new members.  We have 22 members with 14 that are active.  Two are first responders only.

CAPITAL FUND & 2% DUES– 2% Fire Dues can only be used for certain items.  There has been no motion made on having the 2% Dues placed in the capital fund. 

AUDIT FIRE DEPARTMENT BOOKS-  March 8that 6:30 pm the board will review the fire department books.

COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT TO PURCHASE A PLOW TRUCK–    Daniel Adams made a motion to set up a committee of David Bowe, Wayne Bowe (retired Chippewa County Driver), and Tony Schemenauer to look into what features are needed when we purchase a new plow truck.  Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

RECYCLE CONTACT PERSON-  Chippewa County Recycling needs contact person for their brochure.  Contact person  is to be  Larry Geissler and Albert Goettl.

ROAD ISSUES-   (a) 102NDAvenue- a meeting needs to be set up with the people on the south side of 102ndAvenue.  (b) Wellners Mowing Service – We had complaints of brush left on the road.  Wellners has suggested that the Town lower the stumpage that was left.  (c) Bridge aid – We have already requested to the County that we wish to apply for bridge aid for 115/116thStreet.   (d) Lrip Program – we need to see if the money can be delayed for 102ndAvenue or be moved an applied to 90thStreet. 

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Notice of joining urban towns association was discussed.  This group would aid us if we wanted to plan for urban growth with discussion of problems, solutions and recommendations.

Dave Hartman will look into the lighting problem in the fire department. 

The ok had been given last month to fix the tires on the truck.  The update is that a new set of tires is needed, but all the tires need to be of the same type.  Now two are summer tires. Chains can be used for the ice and snow if needed.  It was recommended that we wait until next fall.  Discussion as to which truck we should replace when we get a new one took place.  The Freightliner is bigger and has more power and is newer.

AGENDA – 2% Dues, Automatic mutual aid with the City of Chippewa Falls,   

Announcements– Next meeting –  March 8thaudit at 6:30 an meeting at 7pm,


Motion to approve the vouchers and transfer funds was made by Daniel Adams and seconded by Frank Beaudette.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.


Frank Beaudette moved to adjourn the meeting with  Wayne Bowe   seconding.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.      Meeting adjourned after 8  pm.


 Submitted by Julie Geissler, clerk

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