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Town Board Meeting
Jan 11, 2017


January 11, 2017



The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:15 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Daniel Adams, Frank Beaudette, and Wayne Bowe

A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Julie Geissler; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  

 A motion to accept the minutes of the Dec. 14th board meetings was made by Frank Beaudette and seconded by Wayne Bowe  .   Treasurer Mary Hartman gave the treasurer’s report.  


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES- Chief David Goettl reported 2 alarms.  2016 had 52 alarms.  Recruitment for new fire fighters is needed.  We are down to 20 with some of them being inactive.  Some are retiring.  Some never got the schooling required and have lost interest. We have gear. We need people. The 2% Dues is being audited on the 17th.  We receive over $5000 for the 2% Dues.

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported  things were going fairly good.  We have 2 new drivers. The muffler went out on the Freightliner and then the starter slipped. A hydraulic hose also broke.  There is a problem with tires.  There are winter tires on one side and summer tires on the other.  The summer tires are on the outside and cause traction problems in the snow.  He was instructed to get snow tires, so all four tires are snow tires.

RECYCLING – Al Goettl reported all is well.  There is garbage being dumped without being in a blue bag.  New bags have been ordered. 

CONSTABLE– Chairman Adams reported a found dog and that the owner was found.  Constable Eric Mueller, arriving later reported that he had been bitten by a cat.  He was not going to seek another term at constable.

CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Julie Geissler reported on building permits issued, 1 shed. An updated list of bartenders was presented.  The hall is rented out on the 28th, and the Lions has Feb. 1st.

APPOINTMENTS TO THE PLAN COMMISSION:  Dan Adams appointed Dan Reischel to the Plan Commission to finish out Wayne Nehring’s term.  Dave Hartman is appointed as the new chairman of the Plan Commission.

DATES FOR OPEN BOOK & BOARD OF REVIEW – The Assessor has request we consider May 25thfor the Open Book, 5-7pm and the Board of Review 7-9pm.  Daniel Adams moved to approve the dates of Thursday May 25thfor the Open Book 5-7pm and Board of Review 7-9 pm.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.  The clerk reminded that no one on the board is currently certified for the Board of Review.  There is not any training at the District meetings this year. The certification must be done on line. 

LETTER OF SUPPORT FOR FIRST RESPONDERS LICENSE– With removal of the second paragraph, the board signed the letter supporting the First Responders.  Daniel Adams moved to forward the EMR license to the state with the letter drafted by Kathy Shear.  Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

COUNTY TO HELP WRITE BIDS FOR NEWTRUCK– The county has offered to help towns write bids for new trucks.  This offer may no longer be valid at this time as they have ordered theirs.  It may be wise to set up a committee to look into getting the best truck for Tilden so we would know which features we want.

ROAD ISSUES-   Redoing driveways to aid water flow and protect the road bed along 102ndAvenue was discussed.  We need to know the road right of way as it was a former county road. The Town needs to meet with the citizens.

The County has notified us that they are going to redo County B from County Q east to 124.  Tilden has two roads that intersect with B.  One has a power pole in the road right of way.  Sounds like Xcel will move it.

BRIDGE AID FOR 115TH/116THSTREET– The bridge by Dick Goulet’s is in poor shape.  Weight limits have been posted.  It could be replaced with large culverts.  Daniel Adams moved to apply for Bridge Aid for the bridge on 115th/116thStreet by Dick Goulet’s.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There were complaints of the brush being left on the roads by the brush cutter on various roads.

AGENDA-  fire fighter recruitment, how capitol funds were set up, appoint committee to set specs for a new truck,   

Announcements– Next meeting –  Caucus on Saturday. February 8th.

Motion to approve the vouchers and transfer funds was made by Daniel Adams and seconded by Frank Beaudette.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.


Wayne Bowe moved to adjourn the meeting with  Frank Beaudette seconding.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.      Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.


 Submitted by Julie Geissler, clerk

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