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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Jun 14, 2017


June 14, 2017



The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:35 P.M. starting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Roll call of board members present: Daniel Adams, Daniel Reischel, and Wayne Bowe – all are present.


A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Steven Plendl; posted at Bresina’s Bar, Baier’s Bar, Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall, also published in The Chippewa Herald newspaper and online.  


The minutes of the May 10th, 2017 Board Meeting and the May 25th, 2017 Board of Review are read.  Daniel Adams asked if there are any corrections or additions.  Board member Wayne Bowe noted a correction needed to be made to the May 10th minutes – item #1 change the name from presenter Mike Tessmer to John Mickesh. Correction noted and will be changed in the official minutes for that meeting.  A motion to accept the Town Board meeting minutes for May 10th and the May 25th Board of Review minutes was made by Wayne Bowe and seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Minutes are accepted.


Treasurer Mary Hartman was absent.  Treasurer report was given by Clerk Steve Plendl.


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES- Chief David Goettl reported that the Township was pretty quiet, with just a few EMS calls.  There was one grass fire started by lightening.

The work on Tender #1 is complete and is ready to go.  Fire numbers are all in except for 100th Avenue, County F, and 90th Street.

Wildline gear, would like to get 20 sets to replace older sets at a total cost of $4840.00.  We would pay this and the WDNR would reimburse us for half of the cost or $2420.00.  Daniel Adams asked for any comments from the Town Board members, Wayne Bowe agreed that there was a need to replace this gear.  Daniel Adams said to go ahead with the purchase of the equipment.


HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported that the brush pile was burned.  Reported cleaning up trees that were blown down.  Discussion of starting work on fixing several roads.  Also reported that all road signs are up including the new one on the corner of 129th Street and County Q.


RECYCLING -  Al Goettl reported not much happening.   There will be further discussion of the extra garbage dumpster later tonight.


CONSTABLE- Constable Frank Beaudette reported no problems.


COMMITTEE TO PURCHASE A TRUCK – Frank Beaudette , Daniel Adams, Mr. Bowe and Tony Schemenauer have been talking to different companies about the new truck.  Will be meeting with salesmen over the next couple of days to discuss options.


CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Steve Plendl reported as of May we issued two driveway permits, two shed additions, and one house permit.  Billed for two accidents in May – one person is local and the other is from out of the area.  Received payment for an accident that happened about a year ago.  Issued a picnic liquor license to the Tilden Christian Mother’s Association for their picnic in July.  One Hall rental for May and two in June.  Letter from Chippewa County Highway Department that we owe for a part in Feb. 2017.  Clerk is working on figuring out what this is about.


  1. Daniel Adams started the approval of liquor and tobacco licenses with an open discussion with the board members.    Board members reviewed the applications.   Approve Liquor & Tobacco license renewals for:
    1. Baier’s Bar – Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a liquor license for Baier’s Bar, Wayne Bowe seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
    2. Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill - Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a liquor and tobacco license for Bresina’s Hometown Bar & Grill, Daniel Reischel seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
    3. Dougies - Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a liquor and tobacco license for Dougies Bar, Wayne Bowe seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
    4. Horizon’s- Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a liquor and tobacco license for Horizon’s, Daniel Reischel seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
    5. Schemboda’s Shady Pine Bar - Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a liquor and tobacco license for Schemboda’s Shady Pine Bar, Wayne Bowe seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
    6. Temporary liquor license for Saint Peter’s Christian Mothers - Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a temporary liquor for Saint Peter’s Christian Mothers, Daniel Reischel seconded.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
  2. Approve fireworks permit requests
    1. Kelly Harings - Daniel Adams made a motion to approve a firework permit for Kelly Harings, Wayne Bowe seconded.  Passed on voice vote all saying aye.
    2. Dan Adams – Wayne Bowe made a motion to approve a firework permit for Daniel Adams, Daniel Reischel seconded.  Passed on voice vote all saying aye.
    3. Mike Arntz – no application was sent in
  3. Dog license - Kelly Bowe was not present. Will not be on agenda next month.
  4. Truck committee report – report happened earlier in the meeting.
  5. Furnace discussion and possible action – we fixed the furnace.
  6. Daniel Adams made a motion to appoint Dean Gullickson to the Plan Commission, Daniel Reischel seconded motion. Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
  7. Wayne Bowe made a motion to pay the WTA local unit dues, seconded by Daniel Adams.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
  8. Daniel Adams stated that the ambulance billing is according to our contract with the City of Chippewa Falls.  Any further discussion?  There was an increase but it is within the contract limit.  Payment was made in one lump sum last year and it was decided to pay it the same way again.
  9. Board discussion about issuing 90th Street Utility permit to Xcel Energy.  Daniel Adams made a motion to grant the utility permit to Excel Energy, Wayne Bowe seconded motion. Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye.
  10. Discussion of removing the extra dumpster from the recycling center.  The cost to pick-up the empty garbage dumpster is $45.00.  It costs us nothing to have it here.  The disposal company offered to move it to a more convenient location when they came and picked up the other garbage dumpster.  They would do this at no cost.  After further discussion, it was decided to keep the extra garbage dumpster.
  11. Automatic mutual aid with the City of Chippewa Falls report and possible action.  David Goetll explained that the person he had to talk with at the City of Chippewa Falls was on vacation and he hopes to have this completed by the next Town Board meeting in July.
  12. Concrete walk in front of Town Hall bids – open bids & possible awarding of contract.  Received one bid from Wayne’s Walls for $2500.00 complete.  Wayne Bowe made a motion to approve the bid for replacing the concrete in front of the fire station, Daniel Adams seconded the motion.  Motion passed on voice vote, all saying aye..  Town clerk to inform Wayne’s Walls of contract acceptance.
  13. Road Issues:
    1. 102nd Avenue – Daniel Adams opened the floor for public discussion before a final decision would be made.  After the public discussion, the Town Board had a discussion.  Daniel Adams thinks that the Township should put culverts in per Chippewa County’s plan.  Wayne Bowe agrees with the County’s plan.  Daniel Reischel thinks the County is right.  Daniel Adams said the Township would pay for main driveway culverts but not second driveway culverts for the effected property owners.  The Township would take out the trees before the County can complete the ditch and culvert work.  Safety is important.  Wayne Bowe agreed with Daniel Adams.  Daniel Reischel agrees with the County’s recommendations.  The goal is to pave 102nd Avenue before November 2017, but there is no guarantee that it will get done by then.  The paving of the road requires that bids be requested because the road is a LOCAL ROAD IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (LRIP) ALLOCATION PROJECT.  Daniel Reischel checked into having the road watered by the County.  The cost is $100.00 an hour and would require about three hours to water 102nd Avenue.  Water evaporates quickly and he is not sure if the results would be worth the cost.  Wayne Bowe is not in favor of watering because it would set precedent and that it would have to be done every time a road was crushed.  Daniel Reischel said that he believed that it would not be a good way to spend the Town’s money because the benefit would be short lived.  Daniel Adams will check into the possibility of closing the road to all but local traffic, but said that there needed to be a specific reason for doing this and that because the residents wanted it closed would not be a good reason.  Daniel Adams made a motion to hire Chippewa County to change the culverts and prepare the ditch on the southside of 102nd Avenue heading west from the Tilden Mill Pond Bridge to County Highway Q.  Wayne Bowe seconds the motion.  A voice vote was taken, only ayes heard, no nays, motion passed.  Daniel Adams stated that there will be meeting on Monday, June 19th, 2017 at noon, here at the Town Hall to finalize the bid details for 102nd Avenue.
    2. Any road in the Town – discussion about road outside of Town Hall.  Will talk to Randy Martin about digging the road up to place a drain tile to creek and rebuild the road bed.  Town would remove the blacktop before Martin digs.  Concern about how soft the ground will be.
  14.  Bridge Aid
    1. Bridge Aid for 115th/116th Street paperwork is being worked on the Chippewa County Highway department.  When it is completed they will provide us with a copy of the aid request.  County has submitted requests for 115th Street and 100th Avenue.  Talked about completing 100th Avenue next year.
    2. 90th Street, ¼ mile N County B
    3.  90th street ¼ mile N of 120th Ave
    4.  120th Ave ¼ mile east of 90th Street
  15. Discussion about mattresses found in the Town’s ditches.  The person was caught and made to clean up the mess.  This was done with the help of residents who got the license plate number of the person dumping the mattresses.  Daniel Adams thanked the citizens of Tilden for their help.  He asks that we continue to watch for people dumping items in the ditches.
  16. Discussion about Francis Goetll’s retirement from Tilden Township Road Supervisor.  Vern Bowe has expressed interest in the job.
  17. Waxing and or buffing the Town Hall floors need to decide when to do it.  The suggestion was to do it in the fall.  Clerk will check into a time to get it done.
  18. Public comment:
    1. H & R Electric has been hired to do the electrical work as stated at last month’s meeting.
    2. The Tilden Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary will use the name of Tilden Volunteer Fire Department as a DBA designation on their checking account to be able to cash checks from their fundraisers that are made out to the Tilden Volunteer Fire Department.  The actual Tilden Volunteer Fire Department and the Tilden Town Board would not have access to the checking account or funds from the checking account. The Ladies Auxiliary will control the account and spend monies as they deem prudent.
    3. The Town’s burn pile has ashes to be disposed of.  Discussion of where to put them.  Checking to see if we can put them by the old barn foundation.
    4. Asked by the homeowners on 102nd Avenue to be notified by the Township of when the County will do the ditch work.
    5. Tilden Mill Pond boat landing discussion about ownership.  Tilden doesn’t own the boat landing and it is not public access.  Tilden will not improve it.
    6. Please post Town meeting agendas online.
    7. ATV signs are going up.  The ATV route is not open.
  19. Daniel Adams made a motion to approve the vouchers and transfer funds for the paying of the bills, seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Motion passed on a voice vote, only ayes heard, no nays.
  20. Announcements & items to be placed on upcoming agendas:
    1. City of Chippewa Falls mutual aid
    2. Hire replacement for Francis Goetll
  21. Set date for next meeting: June 19th, 2017 @ 12 noon, here at the Town Hall.  The next regular board meeting will be on July 12, 2017 @ 7:30 p.m., here at the Town Hall.
  22. Wayne Bowe made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Motion passed on a voice vote, only ayes heard, no nays.  Adjourned at 9:05 p.m.                                                           


Submitted by Steven Plendl, Clerk 715-529-7438

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