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Town Board Meeting
Mar 08, 2017


March 8, 2017



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 6:40 P.M.  Members present: Daniel Adams, Frank Beaudette, and Wayne Bowe   Others present: Chief David Goettl, Kelsey Anderson, and Clerk Geissler

A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Julie Geissler; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  

The board reviewed the Fire Department books and concerns were raised over the spending of $14,000 without board approval. There are 2Fire Iinspectors.

Frank Beaudette moved to adjourn. Wayne Bowe seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 6:55pm.


The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:05 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance. Members present: Daniel Adams, Frank Beaudette, and Wayne Bowe

A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Julie Geissler; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  

 A motion to accept the minutes of the February. 8th board meetings was made by Frank Beaudette and seconded by Wayne Bowe  .   Treasurer Mary Hartman gave the treasurer’s report and of delinquent personal property taxes.


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES- Chief David Goettl reported the pumper was recertified. There were a few First Responder calls and 2 mutual aid with Town of Howard; a barn fire and a house fire.  Mutual aid went well. A fireman was injured pulling a hose. Tender I is still having problems with the emergency lights wiring getting hot.  When it gets rewired, it will have to be brought up to code. 

HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported new blades were put on all equipment.  Weight limit signs have been placed on all town roads.  Due to the fierce winds, there were trees down across roads and they were pushed off the road for now. 

RECYCLING -  Al Goettl reported thingswere working like a dream.  The order of garbage bags are all here and appliances were picked up.   

CONSTABLE- Constable Eric Mueller is doing fine after his rabies shot from a cat bite.  There are 104 unlicensed dogs with 52 owners.  Eric will go around and visit them. $25 late fee is in effect after April 1st.

PLOW TRUCK COMMITTEE– No members present.  Appointee, Wayne Bowe declined to sit on the committee.  Frank Beaudette was appointed to replace him.  Committee consists of: David Bowe, Tony Schemenauer, and Frank Beaudette.  They are instructed to start with the Village of Hallie specs and look at options.

CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Julie Geissler reported 2 shed permits and 1 windmill permit; 1 bartender license and 2 picnic licenses for the Tilden Lions. There are no hall rentals for the next month; The tobacco report has been filed.  The census people want to know who to mail the census questionnaire to.  Daniel Adams will receive the information. The clerk was questioned about sending out a newsletter.  It is possible before the end of April.

ROADSIDE PICKUP-  Wayne Bowe moved to participate in the County Roadside Cleanup for 2017.  Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.  

2% FIRE DUES-  Clerk Geissler questioned where the 2% Dues monies is before she certifies to the state.  The form uses the word spent.  It can only be spent on certain things.  We spend at least that much money every year.  There is no motion on the books that states the monies are in a matching fund towards a fire truck purchase.

HIRING WELLNERS MOWING SERVICE– Citizens complained that Wellners made a massive mess.  Limbs were left attached and dangling.  Limbs and brush were ripped and left on the road. Stumps were also left.  It is very unsightly. 

It is the Towns responsibility to maintain the road right of ways.  Overall, Wellners did a good job.  We need sunlight on the roads to keep ice off.  Brush grows into trees that in turn shade the roads. Wayne Bowe moved to hire Wellners Mowing Service for 2017. Frank Beaudette seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.  

AMENDING THE BUDGET TO ALLOW FOR A DEPUTY CLERK-  Clerk Geissler asked for $15 per hour after the 18thof April.  The new clerk is to be paid $10 per hour while being trained until the 18thof April.  Daniel Adams made a motion to move $1000 from the Highway budget into the Deputy clerk portion of the budget.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

PURCHASING 2 NEW COMPUTERS FOR THE CLERK & TREASURER– The treasurer’s computer is 6 years old.  The clerk’s computer is 5 years old.  We lost a whole month’s records that had to be recreated.  The two computers need to be compatible.  Service needs to be local and convenient.  Notification that Quickbooks will soon be noncompliant for payroll services was just received. The two clerk candidates have been included in the discussion of the purchase of the computers along with the current clerk and treasurer.  Specs have been developed.  Daniel Adams moved to buy the computers for the clerk and treasurer with the most modern and updated programs available.  Wayne Bowe seconded. Only ayes heard in the voice vote.

102ndAVENUE  - Many of the residents of 102ndAvenue were present to hear about the problems with their road and to get possible solutions. The raising of the road raised many concerns. (The road is raised by adding gravel to the road when it is pulverized.)  Chairman Adams reported of a water sitting problem by Elliot’s driveway.  The water does not drain.  Culverts are placed at different heights and distances from the road.  The ditch is very high by Jones’ driveway.  The water could be drained both directions by starting at this high point.

One solution is to place a culvert across the road.  That would mean digging up the road bed that seems solid.  The water would then drain through the back of the Paulson’s shed to run back towards the pond.  The other solution is to change driveway approaches and culverts to allow the water to flow.  Two properties have 2 driveways.  People have cemented out to the edge of the blacktopped road. The County saw cuts the driveways. The Town will not pay for cement, but will have the driveway blacktopped to meet the end of the cement.  We have until 2020 to use those LRIP monies.

The County has been on site with their engineer giving us guidance.  Now is the time to do this right.  The town will not cover the cost of new culverts, but will provide the labor to set them in place.

The biggest concern by the people was the fact that the road would be unpaved for another year.  Could the paving be done yet this fall?  Could the Town water the road?

The Chairman will make an appointment with each owner, as every driveway has a different issue. 

BRIDGE AID-  We need to apply for bridge aid for 100thAvenue just east of the Town Hall and make sure that we apply for 115th/116thStreet bridge aid. 



AGENDA – spending of fire department monies, set wages for deputy clerk, bridge aid 100thavenue , newsletter

Announcements– Next meeting –  April 12th  Annual meeting April 18th, Voting April 4th


Motion to approve the vouchers and transfer funds was made by Daniel Adams and seconded by Frank Beaudette.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.


Frank Beaudette moved to adjourn the meeting with    Wayne Bowe seconding.  Only ayes heard in the voice vote.      Meeting adjourned at 9:23 pm.


 Submitted by Julie Geissler, clerk

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