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Town Board Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2017


May 10, 2017



The Board meeting was called to order by Chairman Daniel Adams at 7:05 P.M. with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Members present: Daniel Adams, Daniel Reischel, and Wayne Bowe


A statement of public postings was made by Clerk Steven Plendl; at Bresina’s, Baier’s Bar, the Recycling Center and the bulletin board at the Town Hall.  


A motion to accept the minutes of the April 12th board meetings was made by Wayne Bowe  and seconded by Daniel Reischel.  


Treasurer Mary Hartman gave the treasurer’s report.  3 dogs are still unlicensed.  453 dogs are licensed.


FIRE DEPARTMENT ISSUES - Chief David Goettl reported all is quiet.  We had one car call this month, but it was cancelled.  The Fire Department breakfast went very well. Nice crowd of people turned out.  Heard several people make nice comments about the breakfast.  Had lots of help.

Would like to apply for a grant from the Wisconsin DNR for grass firefighting equipment.  Mostly clothing and personal protective equipment, which costs about $175 per set.  WDNR grant requires us to spend $850 minimum and a maximum of $10,000 then the WDNR would match with $0.50 for every dollar we spend.  We need to replace some of our current clothing and personal protective equipment.


HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT REPORT - Shop Superintendent, Francis Goettl reported road ban signs are down and other signs, those damaged during the winter, are being replaced or upgraded.  All road snow equipment has been removed from town equipment, cleaned and stored for the summer.


Francis reported that there was an issue with the furnace in the shop area and it would cost between $425 to $450 to replace the blower motor.  It has been fixed and we are waiting on the bill.


Several road signs need to be fixed or replaced.  This was also noted by the town board members doing the road tour.  There is a southbound curve on 129th Street, just before it meets Cty Hwy Q, that needs to have a night arrow/curve arrow sign placed.


Currently the weather has been too cold to patch potholes in the roads.  It should be about 80 deg. F to make a good patch.  Hopefully in the next week to 10 days we can start patching.



RECYCLING -  Al Goettl reported not much happening.   There will be further discussion of the extra garbage dumpster later tonight.


CONSTABLE - Constable Frank Beaudette gave his first report as constable.  He had three calls about lost dogs and no strays were picked up. Will contact the last 3 dog’s owners to get licensed.


COMMITTEE TO PURCHASE A TRUCK – Frank Beaudette , Mr. Bowe and Mr. Schemenauer went to Cameron, WI to look at a plow truck there. It was noted that there was another truck in Eau Claire, WI that might meet our needs too.  They would be going to have a look at it. At the next meeting have the prices for the truck.


CLERK’S REPORT - Clerk Steve Plendl reported liquor license renewal applications are due May 19, 2017 for the term of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018.  There is an application from the Tilden Christian Mother’s for a temporary liquor license for the St. Peter’s church shindig in July 2017.  There is one fireworks permit, Clerk will contact about missing information.  There is one house, one shed, and one driveway permit.  The house permit is a revision – going from a duplex to a single-family home.


1.     CSM approval for Mike Tessmer – Daniel Adams abstained from any comments or votes on this due to a conflict possibility.  John Mickesh presented the board with the CSM that enlarged his lot to make it into a full-sized lot.  Wayne Bowe made motion to accept the CSM.  Daniel Reischel seconded.  Passed on a voice vote with Daniel Adams abstaining.

2.     Dog license – Kelly Bowe’s offer to place unclaimed dogs -only 3 dogs remain to be licensed in the township.  Daniel Adams will address tis with the owners.  Kelly Bowe did not appear before the board with her plan for placement of stray dogs.  Will be on the agenda next month.

3.     Bike ride through Tilden – There will be a bike ride through Tilden May 28th, sponsored by Chippewa Valley Century Ride, LLC.   This year’s route road conditions through Tilden were communicated to them by Daniel Adams.   

4.     Yard light in back – A discussion between the town board along with input from Francis Goettle determined that more light was needed around the town’s buildings and fuel pump.  There was a proposal to put a light on the southwest corner of the town hall building, another on the southeast corner of the recycling building, and to move the light pole behind the town hall to the fueling area and to add a light inside the fuel housing, with a switch, and a 110 volt plug in.  There was a discussion about approaching Jake Hepfler to see if his company would do the work.  A motion was made by Daniel Adams to hire H & R Electric Inc. to do the described work.  Seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Passed with a voice vote, all ayes, no nays.

5.     Plan commission appointments – Dave Hartman is the chairman.  Not much happening.  Dean Gullickson was asked to be a member but did not answer yet.  Will be asked again.  Will be on next month’s agenda.

6.     WTA dues – Discussion if this was a worthwhile use of funds.  The dues are $880.  It was pointed out the support that the Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) provided to the township, legal advice & opinions and help with other aspects of town government operations.  Daniel Adams made a motion to continue to stay in the association and pay the dues.  This was seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Passed on a voice vote – all ayes.

7.     Garbage dumpster – There is an extra garbage dumpster next to the one we always use.  It doesn’t cost us anything until we have it emptied or hauled away.  It was used when the firemen have their breakfast.  The clerk was asked to contact Advanced Disposal and see how much it would cost to remove it until next spring for the firemen’s breakfast.  Will report back at next regular town board meeting.

8.     Automatic mutual aid with the City of Chippewa Falls – David Goettle has an upcoming meeting with the City of Chippewa Falls Fire Department to discuss this.  He will report back to the town board after the meeting.

9.     Clarification of Fire Department checkbook balance – understanding of $2000 balance – Because the Tilden Fire Department is run and administered by the Town of Tilden, the township pays all bills for the fire department, there was a discussion of why the Fire Department needs to have a checking account with a $2000 balance.  The $2000 balance is a starting balance for a checking account that the fire department would use for emergency costs that the department incurs.  This checking account is strictly for emergencies only.  All parties agreed that the fire department checkbook was to be used for emergencies only.

10.  Concrete walk in front of the town hall – A discussion about the sidewalk and how much needed to be replaced took place.  The size of the replacement would be 5’ X 77’.  A question was raised about the thickness and it was decided to make it 6” thick with reinforcement.  An estimate of the cost to replace and dispose of the side walk was about $2600, this was given by a local concrete contractor.  After further discussion, it was decided to place an add requesting quotes/bids for the work to be done.  Daniel Adams will approve the wording of the add and the clerk will place the add in the Chippewa Herald newspaper.  Daniel Adams will be the contact for this project.  Daniel Adams made a motion to place the add in the newspaper.  This was seconded by Wayne Bowe.  This passed on a voice vote – all ayes.

11.  Road cleanup – May 26, 2017 completion – There was a discussion about this with questions being asked of Francis Goettle.  During the town board’s road tour, very little if any large items where seen in the road ditches.  This was confirmed by Francis Goettle.  After further discussion, it was decided to not participate in the road cleanup.  Clerk to contact Chippewa County to withdraw from the program for this year.

12.  Road issues

a.     Any road in the town – No discussion

b.     102nd Avenue – There was a discussion of ideas of how to do the project.  After much discussion, with input from Mr. Zimmerman, it was decided to meet at 102nd Avenue on Wednesday May 17, 2017 at 1 p.m. to continue the discussion with Wayne Krejci, the Chippewa County Highway Engineer, present.  The clerk will post the notice of the meeting.  Daniel Adams had talked with Wayne Krejci about blacktopping 102nd Avenue this year yet, Wayne Krejci thought it was possible.

13.  Bridge aid – The discussion was a review of past bridge aid and the application process.  Flood aid for 70th Street North of Cty Hwy N is complete and will not be on the agenda next month.  Bridge aid for 100th  Street paperwork is being worked on by Wayne Krejci.  The other areas listed on this month’s agenda will remain on next month’s agenda.

14.  Waxing and buffing the Town Hall floors – One bid was received for this work.  The bid is from Hillyard - Gene and is for $931.47 complete.  We would have to prepare the area by removing any movable object.  The project would take 2 to 3 days to complete, after which the floor could not have any traffic for 7 days.  If there is traffic sooner it would void any warranty for the work.  There was a motion by Daniel Adams to accept the bid with the stipulation that the work be completed by Wednesday May 17th.  This was seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Passed on a voice vote – all ayes.

15.  Open book (5 p.m.) & Board of Review (7 p.m.) date reminder – May 25, 2017 – Daniel Adams reminded all those present of the date for these two events.  Both events have been posted at Bresina’s, Baiers bar, Town Hall, and the recycling center.  It was published in the Chippewa Herald also.  Daniel Adams will become the certified board member for the Board of Review this year.

16.  Public comment – Discussion about patching area by the Town Hall.  This requires and large excavator to dig up, but it will be done.  Discussion about 85th Avenue.  Discussion about Daniel Reischel and Steven Plendl attending training in town government on May 18, 2017.  Discussion of when to meet about 102nd Avenue – May 17,2017 at 1 p.m. at 102nd Avenue.  The clerk was asked to review the code of ordnances regarding culvert cover.  It was discussed about what type of culverts were best to install.  It depends on application and manufacture’s recommendations.

17.  Approving the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills – Daniel Adams made a motion to approve the vouchers, transfer funds, and pay the bills.  Daniel Reischel seconded.  Passed on voice vote – all ayes.

18.  Announcements and items to place on upcoming agendas – Clerk’s office will be closed Thursday May 18.   Treasurer will not be at next meeting.  Clerk will be gone from May 30 till June 6th.  Read back through the minutes from this meeting, check last three months, and review one year ago.  The approval of liquor licenses is one item that will be on next month’s agenda.  There will be others added.

19.  Set date for next meeting – June 14th at 7:30 p.m. – please note the time change from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. – this will be through the summer

20.  Adjournment – At 8:40 p.m. Daniel Adams made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Passed on a voice vote – all ayes


Submitted by Steven Plendl, Clerk 715-529-7438

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