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Town Board Monthly Meeting Minutes
Oct 11, 2017


Wednesday Oct. 11, 2017 @7:00 PM

Tilden Town Hall, 10790 100th Avenue, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729



·        Meeting called to order by Daniel Adams at 7:03 p.m. starting with the Pledge of Allegiance

·        Roll call/quorum of Board members – Daniel Adams, present – Daniel Reischel, present – Wayne Bowe, present

·        Clerk verification of public notice by Town Board – the Clerk reported that a notice was published in the Chippewa Herald and posted on Township’s website, posted at the Town Hall, Recycling center, Baier’s Bar, and Bresina’s Bar.

·        Reading of meeting minutes from Sept. 13, 2017 and Oct. 3, 2017 Town Board meetings. –  Daniel Reischel asked that the Sept. 13, 2017 minutes be changed/corrected in the Clerk’s Report section of the Sept. 13, 2017 minutes, changing “collects” to “collections”.  Daniel Reischel made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from both meetings with the grammar correction to the Sept. 13, 2017 meeting minutes and to accept the Oct. 3, 2017 minutes as written.  Seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.

·        Treasurer’s Report was given by Mary Hartman.  Mary provide the financial checking account and other account balances.

·        Fire Department Report was given by Fire Chief David Goettl.  He reported one (1) accident response on Hwy. 53.  David also reported a request from Brian Walters to join the Tilden Volunteer Fire Department.  The hiring of Brian Walters will be on the agenda for the Nov. 8th meeting.  Discussion about extra pump to happened later in this meeting.

·        Highway Department/ Shop Maintenance Report was given by Francis Goettl.  He reported putting in culvert on 95th Street and installing a blacktop patch in front of the Town Hall on 100th Avenue.  Short discussion about preparing 102nd Avenue for Monarch to pave around Oct. 23, 2017. Trim trees over-hanging Town roads.  Discussion about putting snow plows and other seasonal equipment on the trucks and grader. 

·        Recycling Center Report was not given due to Albert Goettl being gone.

·        Constable’s Report given by Frank Beaudette, who reported no activity.

·        Committee to purchase plow truck report.  A discussion will take place during tonight’s Town Meeting.

·        Clerk’s report was given by Steve Plendl.  Steve provided the C-Report to the Town Board showing that the Clerk’s and Treasurer’s accounts match and are in balance.  Invoices presented to Town Board.  Clerk asked to use the State of Wisconsin Debt Collection Service to collect overdue bills.  The State has more options on how to collect than a Collection Agency.  Board said to move forward with this idea.  The Clerk’s office issued seven (7) permits: two (2) utility permits, one (1) shed on skid permit, one (1) house addition permit, one (1) driveway permit, one (1) garage addition permit, one (1) after-the-fact building permit.  Clerk updated bartender list.  The Town Chairman had asked the clerk to check into the Flood Aid for 70th Street.  It was applied for two (2) years ago and paid this year.  Also check into the amounts of Bridge Aid received for 90th Street and 120th Avenue.  So far, this year we received bridge aid for 90th Street only.  Updated budget items in Town Board information pack for month. 

Discussion and possible action on:

3.      Need for replacement of Plow Truck – discussion with plow truck drivers about the need to replace one of the Town’s plow trucks.  Discussion included plow truck specifications for a new truck.  No action taken, but a decision about the plow truck will be made at the Nov. 8th Town Board meeting.

1.     Al Balsiger, Tilden’s Building Inspector, discussed the change in UDC building codes in regards to burying electrical lines to existing house(s), outbuilding(s), and connections from house(s) to outbuilding(s).  Discussion about Uniform Dwelling Code and ag building requirements.  Discussion will continue next Town Board meeting with input from an electrician in regards to their understanding of the permits needed.

2.    The Town Board reviewed Tilden Town Ordnances 1 & 2 and a decision was made to assess Todd Bowe a fine of $100.00 for building without a permit.

4.      Extra Portable Pump Disposition – New Auburn Fire Department doesn’t want our extra pump.  Discussion of options to sell pump.  Discussion of putting it on Craig’s List to see if there is any interest out there.  WTA said that the Town Board can dispose of the Town’s personal property with a vote by the Town Board.  Disposing of real property requires approval of the Town’s people.

5.     Discussion of a change to building code in regards to burying electrical lines to existing house(s) and outbuilding(s).  Town Board wants to discuss further with electrical contractor.

6.     Discussion about E O Johnson copier contract.  The contract is almost the value of copier.  Copier is 12 years old.  Discussion to continue.

7.     Clerk informed the board that he signed the Recycling Grant with Chippewa County.

8.     It was determined that Bridge Aid for 115th/116th Street should be only for 116th Street bridge.

9.     Road Issues:

  1. 102nd Avenue –Monarch should be paving on Oct. 23rd
  2. any road in the town – no further discussion

10.    Budget 2018.  Clerk will ask Julie Geissler to review the budget process with him.  The next 2018 Budget Planning meeting date is Wednesday, Oct. 25th at 7 p.m. here at the Town Hall.

11.     Set date for Public Hearing, Meeting of Town’s People about 2018 budget.

  1. Next 2018 Budget Planning meeting is Wed. Oct. 25th at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.
  2. 2018 Budget and Town meeting will be announced after Oct. 25th meeting.

12.    Public comment was made but no action was taken on the items listed below.

  1. Daniel Adams bid for grader tires
  2. Daniel Adams lights in Town Hall
  3. Steve Plendl upcoming contracts and subscriptions
  4. Steve Plendl Transportation Aid
  5. Steve Plendl hosting the WTA meeting at the Town Hall Oct. 24th

13.   Daniel Adams made a motion to approve the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills.  Seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.

14.   Announcements & items to be placed on upcoming agendas:

  1. See above minutes

15.   The next monthly Town Board meeting is Wed. Nov. 8th at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall

16.    Daniel Adams made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Wayne Bowe.     Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.                                               

Clerk Steven Plendl       715-529-7438

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