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Town Board Meeting Minutes
Sep 13, 2017


Wednesday Sept. 13, 2017 @7:00 PM

Tilden Town Hall, 10790 100th Avenue


·        Called meeting to order by Daniel Adams at 7:03 p.m. and started with the Pledge of Allegiance

·        Roll call/quorum – Daniel Adams, present – Daniel Reischel, present – Wayne Bowe, present

·        Verification of public notice by Town Board – the Clerk reported that a notice was published in the Chippewa Herald and posted on Township’s website, at the Town Hall, Recycling center, Baier’s Bar, and Bresina’s Bar.

·        Reading of Meeting minutes from Aug. 9, 2017 Town Board meeting. – Wayne Bowe made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the Aug. 9, 2017 Town Board meeting.  Seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.

·        Treasurer’s Report was given by Mary Hartman.  Mary provide the financial checking account and other account balance amounts.  It was also noted that there are two households with unlicensed dogs – Gordon Hetchler and Roger Thornby / Susan Sullivan.

·        Fire Department Report was given by Fire Chief David Goettl.  He reported that it was quite in the Township, with two (2) first responder calls and one (1) mutual aid for a barn fire in Wheaton.  There was a discussion about the use of mutual aid.   The Fire Chief said that it would be discussed at the next Fire Chief’s Meeting.  Mr. Goettl also said that he had applied for a grant to pay for one (1) set of firefighting turn-out gear.

·        Highway Department/ Shop Maintenance Report was given by Francis Goettl.  He reported that it was slow in the past month, mostly patrolling the roads.  He also stated that he was beginning to plan for winter.

·        Recycling Center Report was given by Albert Goettl.  He reported that the recycling center was operating smoothly.

·        Constable’s Report – there was no Constable’s Report given, Frank Beaudette was not present.

·        Committee to purchase plow truck report.  A bid was received and would be discussed by the committee after the meeting.

·        Clerk’s report was given by Steve Plendl.  Steve provided the C-Report to the Town Board showing that the Clerk’s and Treasurer’s accounts match and are in balance.  The Town Chairman asked the clerk to check into the Flood Aid for 70th Street in February’s column on the C-Report.  He also asked to check into the amounts of Bridge Aid received for 90th Street and 120th Avenue.  A discussion about outstanding invoices for money owed to the Township for emergency services provided to people who had accidents within the Township took place.  Letters were sent to all who are behind in paying.  Two people responded, Jeff Brown paid in full $348.00, Austin Anderson’s insurance company requested more information about what was provided to him.  The clerk will be sending to collects collections (sbp 10/12/2017) three people who have had outstanding bills and have not responded to the latest letter.  The three people are: Max J. Chapek - $544.00, Alexa Lynn Williams - $816.00, Troy T. Bowe - $964.00.  The remaining people will receive a letter and invoice for their unpaid balances.  The clerk provided an updated list of Liquor Operator (Bartender) Licenses along with a list of Picnic Liquor Licenses issued.  Picnic Licenses were issued to the Trent Seible Scholarship Fund and the Rough Rider Snowmobile Club fund raising events.  It was also noted the temporary / one-day Liquor Operator (Bartender) Licenses issued.  A total of 12 driveway/building permits were issued during the month of August and the beginning of September.  These included three (3) driveway permits, one (1) underground electrical permit, and eight (8) garage/home addition permits.  No new home permits were issued.  Due to the Town Hall being waxed Sept. 16-24, 2017 there were no rentals for September.  Hall is rented on October 28, 2017. 

Discussion and possible action on:

  1. CSM for Cody Filipczak – The CSM is to make two lots into one.  Daniel Adams made a motion to approve the CSM for Cody Filipczak.  Wayne Bowe seconded.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.
  2. Extra Portable Pump Disposition – New Auburn has the pump to try out.  Before New Auburn took the pump new batteries where installed and the pump was tested.  During the testing problems developed.  It was decided that New Auburn could have the pump if they pay for the batteries and any other necessary repairs to the pump.  The Town Board asked the question of how to sell or disposition surplus Township equipment.  Clerk is directed to check with WTA for their opinion on what is required to do this.
  3. Change to building code in regards to burying electrical lines to existing house(s) and outbuildings. -  Discussion about the UDC in regards to burying electrical lines to existing homes.  No home is grandfathered in under this new Act.  The Town Board will ask Al Balsiger to come to the next meeting and explain the Act and how it impacts the Township.  Town Chairman will ask H & R Electric to come to get a contractor’s understanding of the Act.
  4. Humane Society contract – The Town Board took no action on contract.
  5. Bridge Aid –
    1. Town Chairman talked with Chippewa County about the Bridge Aid.  The County’s engineer indicated that the bridges/culverts listed below are approved.

                                                    i.     90th Street, ¼ mile N County B was approved

                                                  ii.     90th street ¼ mile N of 120th Ave was approved

                                                 iii.     120th Ave ¼ mile east of 90th Street was approved

  1. Bridge Aid for 115th/116th Street and 100th Avenue was discussed by the Town Board.  The Town Chairman had also talked with Chippewa County about these areas and both have been approved for Bridge Aid for next year.
  2. Road Issues:
    1. 102nd Avenue –status – Ditch work was completed by Chippewa County.  Chippewa County did run over budget but it appears to be well done.  It is looking good to get paving done on schedule.
    2. any road in the town – Discussion about 115th/116th Street and 100th Avenue bridges/culverts.  Even though Bridge Aid is approved for 115th/116th Street and 100th Avenue there was discussion about postponing the new truck to free up some money to use on the bridges/culverts.  Some of the costs will be addressed during the budgeting process, which takes place starting in October.
    3. LIRP form We will not be eligible to apply for LRIP money for several years because we received money this year.  We can apply and receive money every four (4) years from LIRP.
  3. 2018 Budget process start date – October 3, 2017 at 7 p.m. will be the first budgeting meeting at the Townhall.
  4. Public comment: Discussion about thelights in the Townhall.  Chairman will look into it.  Dean Gulickson discussed Chippewa County issues. 
  5. Daniel Adams made motion to approve the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills.  Seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.
  6. Announcements & items to be placed on upcoming agendas:
    1. Under Ground Electric Line – Al Balsiger
    2. WTA answers
    3. 2018 budget
  7.  Set date for next meeting: Oct 3, 2017 at 7 p.m. for budget planning, Oct. 11, 2017 at 7 p.m. regular monthly Town Meeting.
  8. – Motion for adjournment made by Wayne Bowe.  Seconded by Daniel Reischel.  Voice vote taken, all responded aye, no nays.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Clerk Steven Plendl       715-529-7438

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