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Town Board Meeting 8/7/2018 Minutes
Aug 09, 2018



Tuesday Aug. 7, 2018 @ 3:30 PM

Met at the corner of 113th Avenue and Co. Hwy Q in the Town of Tilden (next to Baier’s Bar)



The following people attended the meeting, the Town Board (Daniel Adams, Daniel Reischel, and Wayne Bowe) and several landowners whose property will be affected (Jerrod Hilger, Larry Campbell, Pam Campbell, Tyler Paulson, and Becca Doughty).   The discussion was about the location of a culvert that passes under Co. Hwy. Q and empties water flowing east along 113th Avenue.  Several options for Co. Hwy. Q’s east culvert outlet location where discussed.  The water from the culvert could flow east along either the northside or southside of 113th Avenue.  The main discussion was about which side of 113th Avenue the water should flow and what it will require to make the water flow east along either the north or south ditch.  Each option has different requirements along 113th Avenue.  There are questions about elevations, water flow, and property impacts.  The Town Board will evaluate the existing culverts along 113th Avenue and ask Chippewa County to evaluate the elevations for drainage along both sides of 113th Avenue.  The meeting ended with no action taken.



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