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Board of Review May 24th, 2018 Minutes
May 25, 2018



MAY 24, 2018


The meeting is called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Daniel Adams.


Roll Call: Daniel Adams - present, Wayne Bowe - present, Daniel Reischel - present, Steven Plendl - present, and Randy Prochnow (Prochnow Assessing Inc.) – present.


Daniel Adams asked Town Clerk Steven Plendl if the postings where done according to law.  Steven answered that the notices were posted on the town hall door, town hall posting board, at the recycling center, Baiers Bar, Bresina’s Bar, posted online and published in the Chippewa Herald.


Daniel Adams opened the nomination for the Chairman of the Board of Review.  Daniel Reischel nominated Daniel Adams, seconded by Wayne Bowe.  Daniel Adams was elected Chairman on a voice vote, only ayes heard.  Wayne Bowe nominated Daniel Reischel for Vice-chairman position, seconded by Daniel Adams.  Daniel Reischel was elected Vice-chairman on a voice vote, only ayes heard


The Chairman asked the Clerk if anyone had filed a request for a hearing by the board or had called.  The clerk noted that there were no requests or calls from persons wanting to appear before the board.  The chairman also asked that it be noted that there is no-one from the public in attendance at this time.


The Chairman asked Randy Prochnow if he had received any complaints or questions about the assessments.  Randy said that there had not been any.


Randy Prochnow (Prochnow Assessing Inc.) told those attending the Board of Review that the assessments were in compliance with State of Wisconsin rules but that there may need to be a re-evaluation of property in the next five (5) or so years.


Randy Prochnow also mentioned his contract was up and he gave the Town of Tilden a new contract to consider.  Daniel Adams told the Town Clerk to make it an agenda item for the June 2018 monthly Town Board meeting.


The meeting continued for about two hours during which no-one from the public attended.


A motion to adjourn the Board of Review was made by Daniel Adams, seconded by Wayne Bowe, and passed on a voice vote with only ayes being heard.


Board of Review adjourned at 9:08 p.m.


Steven Plendl 715-529-7438

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