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Town Board Budget Meeting 10/10/2018 Minutes
Oct 12, 2018



Wednesday Oct. 10, 2018 @ 7:00 PM

Tilden Town Hall, 10790 100th Avenue, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729


- Daniel Adams called the monthly meeting to order beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance.

- Daniel Adams did roll call: Daniel Adams – present, Wayne Bowe – present, Daniel Reischel - present

- Daniel Adams asked Clerk Steve Plendl for verification of public notice by Town Board.  The clerk verified public notice was given by the Town Board in the Chippewa Herald Newspaper, posted on the Town’s website, in front of the Townhall, in the Recycling Center, at Bresina’s Old Home Bar & Grill and at Baier’s Bar.

- Wayne Bowe made a motion to approve the minutes of the Sept. 12, 2018 Town Board Meeting as written.  Daniel Reischel seconded motion.  Motion passed on voice vote with only ayes being heard.

- Treasurer’s Report was given by Mary Hartman.  Treasurer reviewed balances in the Township accounts.

- Highway Department/ Shop Maintenance Report – Tony Schemenauer was asked to give the report.  Tony reported that some patching had been done.

- Fire Department Report was given by Fire Chief David Goettl.  Mr. Goettl reported that things were quite with the TVFD responding to a mutual aid request from Town of Wheaton which was cancelled.  Discussion about using the 2% Fire Dues to purchase educational materials and three sets of turn out gear.

- Recycling Center Report was given by Albert Goettl, who reported no problems.

- Constable’s Report / Dog complaint(s) was given by Frank Beaudette, who report one barking dog complaint.

- Clerk report:  Six permits were issued since the last meeting.  Three new driveway permits: Jake Goettl at 8848 90th Ave., Steve Mayer at 11758 102nd Ave., and Tara Krista at 7411 124th St., all are Chippewa Falls addresses.  Three new building permits: Greg Buckli for a new deck at 12748 98th Ave., Steve Mayer for a new home at 11758 102nd Ave. and Tara Krista for a new home at 7411 124th St., all are Chippewa Falls addresses. Anyone who has an outstanding bill, 90 days or older, was sent a letter telling them that their debt will be referred to the State Debt Collection Service after Oct. 31,2018.  The Town Hall is not rented in Oct. but is rented once in Nov. and again in Dec.  Reviewed the wage ledger, c-report and the Treasurer and Clerk reconciliation documents.  The Clerk and Treasurer’s accounts are in balance.

Discussion and possible action on:

  1. Clerk Steve Plendl offered to review the State of Wisconsin Debt Collection Service contract.
  2. The landfill sign is complete and will be delivered on Monday Oct. 15th.  After the sign is installed the Town will meet the WDNR Landfill Closure contract requirements.
  3. LP pre-paid contract was signed with Quality Propane for $1.24 per gallon.
  4. Daniel Reischel made a motion to grant Bartender Licenses to Tammi Jean Buckwheat, Lori Anne Geissler, and Debra Jean Hilger.  Daniel Adams seconded the motion.  Motion passed on a voice vote with only ayes being heard.
  5. Road Issues:
    1. Daniel Adams said that the culvert will be going on the North side of 113th Ave.  Xcel has agreed to move the two power poles in the right-of-way.  Chippewa County will place a culvert in the ditch for a driveway at Baier’s Bar.  Mr. Campbell has agreed to remove trees on the Southeast corner of 113th Ave. and Co. Hwy. Q.
    2. 120th Avenue blacktop patch & shouldering should be completed.
    3. Bridge / culvert work on 116th Street started Oct. 1 and was almost completed by today’s meeting.  The area will not be paved until spring 2019.
    4. The Clerk will call Monarch Paving to confirm that 102nd Avenue is complete and the project is ready to submit for LRIP funds.
    5. 70th Avenue crack seal & chip coat will be looked at in spring 2019.  No cost sharing bill has been received from the Town of Wheaton yet.
    6. Any road in the town.  85th Ave. is having water drainage issues which will be addressed with the Town’s road grader.
  6. Up-coming 2019 Budget Meeting Dates
    1. First meeting was Oct. 9th
    2. Along with the next Town Board budget meeting on Oct. 23rd there will be a budget hearing on raising the Town’s portion of the property tax levy starting at 7 p.m.
    3.  A date for Meeting of Town’s People to approve or reject the Town Board’s Proposed Tax Levy Increase and Proposed 2019 Budget will be on Nov. 12, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Townhall.
  7. Daniel Adams said the new truck should be ready for delivery mid-Oct.
  8. Public comment
    1. When is the fist payment on the new truck due? Asked by Steve Plendl.  Daniel Adams replied that it would be after the first of the new year. Daniel Adams said the Town would borrow $60,000.00 for four (4) years and repay in once-a-year installments.  The down payment will come from Tilden’s Hwy Capitol fund and the Contingency fund.
  9. Daniel Reischel made a motion to approve the vouchers and transferring funds for the paying of the bills.  Wayne Bowe seconded the motion.  Motion passed on a voice vote with only ayes being heard.
  10. Announcements & items to be placed on upcoming agendas:
    1. Up-coming 2019 Budget Meeting Dates
    2. Election on November 6, 2018
    3. Resolution for truck loan
    4. Resolution for Budget
  11.  Date for the next meeting is Nov. 14, 2018 at 7 p.m.
  12. - Adjournment                                                           

Clerk Steven Plendl       715-529-7438

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